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BRP brings snowmobiles-2009 to Russia

A new line of BRP snowmobiles to be launched in 2009 has been presented in Perm (Russia). The event included test drives of the latest BRP models to appear in Russian dealerships at the beginning of the new season, as well as the opening of the third federal snowmobile route.

The BRP 2009 new line includes Ski-doo and Lynx snowmobiles. Ski-doo MXZ and MXZ Renegade X drew the most interest among specialists. The former has a 2-stroke 600 Rotax E-tec engine and the latter has the recently released 1200 4-stroke Rotax engine producing around 130 horsepower with an enormous acceleration potential. Even a beginner can make a wheelie with these snowmobiles. However, leaving them in the hands of beginners would be a dangerous thing to do.

A new Ski-doo MXZ TNT 600 engine works softly and smoothly. It gears up instantly ensuring perfect acceleration on any snow surface. The rider will have complete control of the snowmobile on a weaving road section owing to its light weight. In addition, the trigger is well adjusted to maintain the speed with no additional effort even on a bumpy road.

Test results showed that the new federal route is good. According to the organizers, over the next few years, new routes will appear for snowmobile and ATV fans. It is a little sad, however, that there was no chance to try out tourist ATV and snowmobile models. The main thing about sports models is that riding them is a true pleasure for both the beginners and professionals.

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