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F1 circuit to be built in Moscow suburbs soon

Construction on the first-ever Formula 1 track in Russia has begun in the Moscow suburbs, a source in the Moscow regional government reported. The organizers of the construction acknowledge the possibility that MotoGP races may take place here in the future as well.

The Moscow Raceway project was masterminded by German architect Hermann Tilke and is to be completed by the year 2010. By the time of its completion, the project will have seen some RUB 5.5bn in investments. The circuit will be located 77 kilometers outside Moscow on the Novaya Riga highway. Its construction was fostered by Russian and foreign individuals and will be controlled by German companies.

The circuit will total an impressive 3,878 meters long. It will be large enough for seating up to 100,000 viewers at one time, with the main grandstand alone consisting of 10,000 seats. The plan is to open restaurants, shops and a conference hall in the guest center. The circuit will measure between 12 and 21 meters wide. Its construction can be completed by the summer of 2010 and officials say that it might also host DTM and MotoGP tournaments in the future.

The total area of construction is 72 hectares. According to the plan, the track will have 15 turns – nine left-hand turns and six right-hand turns. A source in the Moscow government was quoted as saying that a new road junction would also be built next to the circuit. The manager of F1 circuit construction is Moscow raceway. Its managing director is Hans Geist, who previously worked as the general manager of the A1-Ring circuit in Austria and the construction manager of the F1 circuit in Bahrain.

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