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Antique motorcycles exhibited in Moscow

For four days of autumn on October 10-13, 2008, the Crocus Expo exhibition center in Moscow was transformed into a technical rarities show called Oldtimer-Gallery.

Motorcycles were displayed along with antique car models from top manufacturers, such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, etc. One could even get a glimpse of the legendary Indian (USA), Soviet and German bikes used during WWI and WWII. On top of retro motorbikes a modern bike was also featured; it was a unique custom chopper that fit right in with the general nostalgic atmosphere of the past.

A fantastic car, which can barely be called a motorbike, deserved special attention as well. It can actually be called a “trike,” i.e. a hybrid of a motorcycle and Lacroix – De La Ville car (1898). Aside from being a pure technical miracle, it looked terrific with its wooden chassis, band driving gear to the front wheels, De Dion single-cylinder motorcycle engine and only three horse powers. An extremely long frame running all the way from the double seat to the front wheel made it hard and inconvenient to ride this motorcycle, and the engine power didn’t allow high speeds. Despite this disadvantage, however, several hundred bikes were built and sold. There are only five examples of this uncommon tricycle in the world right now, but the Lacroix – De La Ville presented at the exhibition in Moscow is truly the rarest one, as it’s a four-seat vehicle.

Oldtimer-Gallery has been held in Moscow twelve times already. It’s the biggest exhibition of antique vehicles in Eastern Europe. More than 200 companies that actively search for, rebuild, and sell and maintain automobile and motorcycle collections, as well as those offering luxury class services, traditionally participate in this event.

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