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Moscow throws another party for Italian bike lovers

Italian bike owners were treated to a party in Moscow’s fancy Fabrique night club on June 12. Thanks to everybody for coming out and joining us in this event, which has truly become a great tradition.

The party kicked off in Vorobyovy Hills, and then the bikers all made their way to Fabrique together. Yamaha and Suzuki were not the only bike brands that came to celebrate with Ducati and MV Augusta riders. One could even see a positive looking Italian Ferrari cabriolet among the participants. At 12 a.m. the riders arrived at the night club and partied the night away.

It is worth mentioning that last year the party also took place in Fabrique on September 6. The event was organized by Konstantin Ryutin, also known as ‘Columbian.’ Alexey Parshin, the club’s deputy director, was happy to support this event in favor of Italian bikes. Motonews.ru, as usual, acted as the event’s media sponsor.

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