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Vladimir Putin: The motorbike is a symbol of freedom!

During his working visit to Ukraine, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attended the annual international bike show devoted to the Black Sea and the 65th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War organized by Night Wolves.

Vladimir Putin: The motorbike is a symbol of freedom!
The Russian prime minister arrived at the bike show at Gasfort Lake near Sevastopol riding on a three-wheeler at the head of the biker’s column. He looked quite striking: wearing a black shirt, black pants, black fingerless gloves and dark sunglasses, he was riding a Harley Davidson decorated with both Russia and Ukraine’s flags.

In his address to the crowd of spectators and participants of the show, he made a rather touching statement about motorbikes: “A motorbike is the most democratic form of transport, although there are, of course, such tricked out vehicles as the one on which I arrived here today… but in general, a motorbike is the most affordable form of transport, and not just that, but if we can attribute such epithets to a thing, then I’d say it is courageous, daring, and the fastest form of transport. More importantly, it gives its owner a sweet sense of freedom… that’s why, without exaggerating or stretching it too far, I’d say that a motorbike is a symbol of freedom!”

The Bike Show is one of the key events in the calendar of the Russian motorbike society, and preparations for it continue throughout the entire year. For over 10 years, this venue has been an event of federal importance. In recent years, the Bike Show has taken place in the Kaliningrad region with the direct support and involvement of the governor; it has become an extremely popular event, and boasted an excellent reputation with the public and mass media. And with good reason – the Bike Show has always had an expressly patriotic and social feel to it. Last year, the Bike Show was devoted to the Black Sea and was held in the Crimea for the first time.

The venue receives high public acclaim each year. This year, bikers from Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and other countries were invited to the show, as usual.

Last year, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin saw the bikers’ column off from Moscow to Sevastopol and passed the Russian flag on to Night Wolves chief Alexander Zaldostanov (aka the Surgeon) as a sign of solidarity. Putin personally attended the opening of the Bike Show at Gasfort Lake near Sevastopol this year.

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