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Crimea Grand Prix Circuit construction details

As announced earlier, a new A-category racing track – Crimea Grand Prix Circuit – is being built in the Crimea, outside of the city of Yevpatoria. It will be 19th on the global list of racing tracks that can be used for international racing events: MotoGP, Formula 3, WTCC and Formula 1 tests.

The chief designer of the track is none other than Hermann Tilke, renowned for the construction of the best racing circuits. It’s fair to say he nearly dominates the sphere of designing and licensing racing tracks. The project makes use of the best practices used in constructing international racing circuits in Malaysia, Brazil, Spain, France, Portugal, Bahrain, China, and Japan.

Both Russia and Ukraine were originally considered for the track’s construction. All requirements for this type of venue were taken into consideration, including proximity to the airport and climate conditions. Crimea was the top choice, thanks to the fact that the track can be used almost all year round there.

The length of the Crimea Grand Prix Circuit is expected to be 4,857 meters, and it should include 6 right turns and 6 left turns, situated clockwise. Width-wise, the track measures 13 meters, and 15 meters in the start/finish zone. The new track will offer pilots the fastest speed stretch – 900 meters long. The track’s axis ranges from 15 meters above sea level, with the peak at 33 meters above sea level. The carting track, which is also being constructed, will measure 1,413 meters long.

Anatoly Kuchmin, the founder of the Step Racing Team company, which is currently working on the construction of the Crimea Grand Prix complex, has kindly agreed to answer Motonews.ru’s questions on the construction of the new sports facility.

How much do you plan to complete this year?
As of right now, construction is underway on both the racing tracks and the Crimea GP complex’s infrastructure. This year, we plan to complete all the groundwork, lay down part of the cables, and create buildings and facilities on the territory of the racing complex, and also create a central entrance and a gas station. We also hope to finish the construction of the carting track, concrete placement for race control and the main pits. Meanwhile, the venues’ actual launch will depend a great deal on weather conditions.

What do you plan to accomplish next year?
The main track will be ready in June or July of 2011. The construction of infrastructure objects (restaurant, hotel, main stands, business center, etc.) will also be completed in 2011.

Do you think you’ll suspend construction during the winter months?
The construction is carried out in two shifts year round, but certainly there are force majeure circumstances and the weather can have an influence on the pace of construction.

Meanwhile, the new racing circuit is actively being promoted at the most famous world racing series – the MotoGP world championship. The future track’s logos are already featured on the motorcycles and costumes of riders of the Gresini Racing team, a leader in the Moto2 class, Toni Elias and Vladimir Ivanov.

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