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John Travolta visits Moscow

Famous Hollywood actor John Travolta arrived in Moscow for what was originally planned as a private visit. Travolta flew to the Russian capital in his private jet Boeing-707 for a couple of days. He was accompanied by his two older sisters and 10-year old daughter.

For most of the flight, the plane was piloted by Travolta himself, who happens to be a big fan of airplanes. He even landed the plane at the Vnukovo airport himself, despite the fact that weather conditions were complicated by rain. The actor has about 6,000 hours of flying time as a pilot under his belt.

Even though Travolta came to Moscow for a private visit, he apparently couldn’t resist a couple of official venues: he held a press briefing and acted as a presenter for a new watch model made by luxury brand Breitling.
“I like Moscow a lot. The food is very good, and I love Russian vodka and caviar,” John said at the press conference.
This is Travolta’s second visit to Moscow, and he and his family stayed at the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel.
Travolta last visited Moscow 5 years ago, in 2005, with his family – wife Kelly Preston, his son and daughter, and his sister. John’s wife couldn’t accompany him this time around, considering that she is in her last few weeks of pregnancy.
Originally, Travolta was rumored to be visiting Moscow in order to promote his new film, Wild Hogs 2, but those rumors were refuted. The movie is still being filmed, with its official release scheduled for 2011 and the exact date still unclear.

The first film’s synopsis was as follows: “A group of suburban biker wannabes from a rich American town don their leather jackets, fire up their bikes and ride towards the Mexican border. But some adventures await them on the road: road construction, nights in the open-air, an encounter with real bikers, and the overcoming of a mid-life crisis.” The sequel is expected to have a similar plot, with new adventures in store for the film’s main characters.

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