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MotoGP team seeking umbrella-girl

LCR Honda MotoGP looking for attractive young ladies. The casting is being held to find a young lady who will be invited to several rounds of the World Motorcycling Championship as umbrella girl for the MotoGP team.

The most attractive candidates will be selected in the first round, after which the MotoGP team’s management will choose which lucky lady will be invited to the races…

The winner will take part in the team’s advertising campaigns, in endless photo shoots at official venues, parties, and many other events.

Attention! Candidates must be at least 18 years old, and the minimum height requirement is 178 cm. The photo must clearly show your face and body. Girls must be lively, sociable and have a bright smile. All cast candidates will be invited to a test photo shoot.
The candidate must be prepared for the unexpected, even if it involves wearing a rabbit costume during the race, and quickly changing into dozens of different costumes.

The owner of the team who is looking for the umbrella girl - LCR Honda MotoGP Team - Lucio Cecchinello - used to be a racer himself.

The LCR Team and Cecchinello will be participating in the MotoGP World Championship for the 16th consecutive year in 2011 and can boast success in all three categories of the championship. The team also cooperates with high-level pilots and experienced technicians.

Back in 1996, Lucio decided to take on a new role and be both a pilot and team manager at the same time; he was determined to build a career in the motorcycling industry. In the 2010 season, the team was represented by pilot Randy de Puniet, and in 2011, Toni Elias will be the team’s pilot.

Last year, LCR Honda Team hired a gorgeous model from Australia named Lauren Vickers as the umbrella girl, and at the end of the season she was even featured on the cover of the team’s sponsor – Playboy magazine.

The team is now searching for a new model in order to strengthen its partnership with Playboy and promote their model in the media world.

The team is not only looking for an impressive girl, but also for someone positive, with a sincere smile and a great desire to be successful in the world.

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