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Alexey Naumov: “Beautiful and real! I get to hold her now, and I’m very happy!”

As reported earlier by Motonews.ru, the Dakar Rally 2011 finished... And even though 34-year old Spaniard Marc Coma was the winner in the bike section for the second consecutive year, Russian national Alexey Naumov managed to finish this complicated rally –a feat that only a proud few can boast.

At finish, the Russian racer ranked 75th, 9:04:57 behind the winner. Yet, don't let the numbers discourage you: Alexey Naumov is the first Russian biker to complete the race in the history of Dakar. Alexey Naumov is coming back to Russia tomorrow.

“THANK YOU! I'm so grateful to everyone who helped me and rooted for me! I’ve never had this kind of support before! It’s incredible and I feel great! I really felt your support! Thank you again!
I'm flying home tonight, so I should be back very soon! I missed everyone so much! And the heat is intolerable, I am just dreaming of jumping into the snow! I’m supposed to get pictures from Dakar soon, so I will publish them and tell you everything about my adventures!
Believe me – Dakar is a real challenge for those who are up for it!
I was in both the end of the ranking list with amateurs and in the top 20 with real professionals who've devoted their lives entirely to Dakar, and it seems as if these were two different races!
I’m very happy for Vadik Pritulyak, who also managed to complete the race, because I saw that he had it rough! He's a true hero, and he has incredible willpower!
So, I will tell you about everything,”Alexey Naumov wrote in his blog.

This year, the Dakar Rally kicked off on January 1 and ran until January 16, when the closing ceremony was organized. The rally itself lasted from January 2-15 with only one day off. It was hosted by South America again, and embraced the territories of Argentina and Chile. The rally started and ended at Buenos Aires. The route spanned 9,500 kilometers, including 5,000 kilometers of racing spread over 13 stages. Many special stretches even had to be shortened during the rally due to extreme weather conditions and a large number of participants pulling out of the race. The traditional day off was scheduled for January 8. Although a total of 170 pilots started in the motorcycling race, not all of them managed to complete it.

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