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Luigi Termignoni: I cannot imagine myself without a motorcycle

Luigi Termignoni, the founder of the legendary brand of Termignoni exhaust systems, kindly agreed to answer some questions recently for Motonews.ru.

Founded in 1969, Termignoni designs and develops motorcycle exhaust systems. With the experience it has gained over its long history of operation, the company’s products demonstrate excellent performance results. Termignoni exhaust systems boast the ability to increase engine power, and their total weight is nothing compared to all other serial exhaust systems.
Termignoni exhaust systems have long since proven their worth at such races as MotoGP, Moto2 and SBK…

How did you start?
As far as I can remember, I’ve always been crazy about motorcycles and motorcycle racing. In the 1960s, I took part in races regularly, riding a two-stroke two-cylinder 125cc Rumi in national Italian championships. When I turned 22, I started dreaming of building a brand new powerful bike engine, and then I set about working on it.

How did you get to exhaust systems?
For the first 15 years, we produced very powerful hop up engines based on Kawasaki engines for Kawasaki bikes participating in endurance races. While we were working in that sphere, we noticed that the market lacked producers of motorcycle exhaust systems. So we spun out a small department – two or three specialists – who designed mufflers both for racing and city riding. Bimota KB1 and KB2 were the first serial motorbikes that came with our exhaust systems.

How many dealers does your company employ now worldwide?
At this point, we have 46 distributors offering our products in their respective countries. We’re also considering various cooperation proposals from the emerging and stable South American and Asian countries.

What share of your total output belongs to products fit for city use?
Right now, the share of our mufflers made for city use is at roughly 40% of the total products.

What’s your take on the Russian market?
The Russian market is highly promising, but the motorcycle season is limited in Russia to just a few months, and that’s the main problem.

What are Termignoni engineers working on at the moment?
Our specialists are currently designing an exhaust system for a new Ducati bike, as well as mufflers for other motorcycles that are not yet in our catalogue.

What are your plans going forward?
When it comes to our product line, we’re working to develop exhausts for motorcycle models that will first be presented in 2012. As for company development plans, we’re implementing new technology to boost product quality so as to stay up to date with the current global market requirements.

Do you drive a motorcycle or a scooter yourself?
Of course, I do. I’ve been riding bikes ever since I was young. I can’t even imagine myself without a motorcycle.

What do you think motorcycles will be like in 10 or 20 years?
I think they will have a solid frame that ensures stability and good performance characteristics, combined with a total weight of no more than 150 kilograms and horsepower under 100. From my point of view, this is the ideal future motorcycle.

Luigi Termignoni was born on August 4, 1944. He is still the president of his company. Luigi has always driven a motorcycle – currently, a Suzuki 650, and he even likes to take his rides in mountainous regions on a bike designed for motorcycle trials – the Trial Montesa 350.

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