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Gas Gas Motos, SA and Ossa Factory, SL join forces

The Catalan companies, Gas Gas and Ossa merge for industrial and commercial synergies and to develop new products.

The result of this merger, Gas Gas assumes production of OSSA at its factory in Salt, where current models of both Girona brands will be distributed. Gas Gas and Ossa will share financial, technological and human resources, but the two brands will retain the existing jobs, their names and operate independently in seperate business networks to strengthen their leadership in the short-term trial market.

From this agreement and strengthening of its position in the off-road industry of both trial motorbikes as well as Enduro and Rally Raid, Gas Gas intends to revive the historic brand Ossa, not just for trial but with a street motorcycle that could be on the market within the next three years.

Gas Gas currently produces about 9,000 motorbikes per year and exports to 53 countries around the world, generating 500 direct and indirect jobs in Catalunya. With 95% of its turnover coming from the export of trial, enduro, and raids motorcycles, totaling 26 models in its portfolio, and they have a presence in the world championships in all disciplines. After the rebirth of Ossa in 2009, - three decades after its closure - they currently produce 800 trial motorbikes with two-stroke technology exported mainly to the European consolidated markets.

RAMON PUENTE, general director of Gas Gas
"In a globalized world with multinational companies, we decided to combine our companies from Catalonia to meet the demands of a highly competitive market.

We have the people, knowledge and infrastructure in order to have a posisiton in the motorcycling world. I think we cannot abandon this historical legacy and we have to take responsibility to reposition this industry in its rightful place.

JOAN GURT, general director of Ossa
"We have put our egos asside to create a project from Catalonia that allows us to compete at all levels, both in production and marketing. We need to further enhance the root talent and that's why it was better to be together than apart. With this union, we keep advancing and protecting this home industry."

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