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The revamped Ducati Riding Experience

The 2015 edition of the Ducati Riding Experience, the riding school that Ducati has been organising for over 10 years, is now taking enrollments.

The DRE has four distinguishing factors that put it in a class of its own:

- a group of internationally renowned instructors from the worldwide racing community (such as official Ducati MotoGP test rider Michele Pirro, world Superbike champion Carlos Checa, two-times world champion Manuel Poggiali, official Ducati test rider Alessandro Valia and a host of other champions led by Dario Marchetti);
- legendary racetracks such as Mugello and Misano;
- tried and tested tuition methods that make use of advanced technology;
- all-inclusive packages, thanks to a latest-generation bike pool and the availability of quality riding gear.

One of the most important developments for 2015 is the introduction of the Multistrada Techride course dedicated to the new Multistrada 1200. This is a full immersion riding course for touring and adventure enthusiasts. Held in the beautiful hills of Tuscany region, with base in Montepulciano (near Siena), the course programme lasts a day and a half and focuses on road-specific techniques as well as teaching the basics of off-road riding.

At the circuit, the first development for 2015 is the Intro course, suitable for those who are not habitual bike riders or new license holders who want to build up their confidence and bike control skills. The course takes place in the paddock and alternates individual practice sessions with theoretical lessons designed to illustrate the pillars, such as riding position, curves visualization, braking with ABS, and how to react in front of unexpected obstacles (the course does not include track sessions). Intro course participants will be riding the new Monster 821.

Again in the paddock, but with a final on-track session, the Precision course is for those looking to improve their on-road riding technique and enjoy a sports-oriented riding experience. This course uses the Monster 1200, the Hypermotard and the Hyperstrada.

There are four track riding courses: Track Warm-Up, Track Evo, Master and Champs Academy. The first is for newcomers to the track, the second for those keen to improve their track riding technique; on both courses riders will be using the Ducati 899 Panigale. The Master course is for more experienced track users eager to maximise their performance. The Champs Academy offers a full day as a professional rider with a truly exceptional instructor: World Superbike Champion 2011 Carlos Checa. Master and Champs Academy course participants will ride the new 1299 Panigale S.

2015 Calendar
8-10 May Montepulciano (Multistrada Techride)
11-13 May Misano Adriatico
15-17 June Mugello
03-05 July Montepulciano (Multistrada Techride)
14-16 July Adria
08-10 September Mugello

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