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First podium of 2015 for Team HRC in Qatar

Gautier Paulin capitalised on his qualifying performance yesterday to seal third place overall today in Qatar, getting his season with Team HRC off to a strong start with a podium from his first Grand Prix riding the Honda CRF450RW.

Taking a fourth place in race one, Gautier then leapt into second position from the start of race two. In a race-long battle with Clement Desalle and Antonio Cairoli, the Frenchman fought hard to hold third place at the line, guaranteeing him third spot overall.

Evgeny Bobryshev returned to Grand Prix action today for the first time since the Italian GP in June last year, and recorded an eighth and a ninth to finish in eighth overall. Happy to be back, the result lays a strong foundation from which he can build now he’s back to race fitness.

Roger Harvey HRC General Manager - MXGP
“Our target for this year is to be on the podium at each race, so I’m happy with what we achieved today. Gautier rode a very controlled race and really used his head, especially when he was under a bit of pressure. Bobby hasn’t been riding for so many months so the results are not so bad. He managed the race well, and though he just ended up in the middle of nowhere racing nobody, he’s two reasonable results under his belt to start the season.
It’s been a good day’s racing, so in general, we’re pleased. It’s all about making sure we get in solid results now so we’re in a position to attack later this year. There has obviously been one or two changes to the team since last year, but at the first Grand Prix here everyone’s working very well together. The riders have been helped tremendously by JMB and on the mechanical side the team have done a great job, so I’m pleased with where we are.”

Gautier Paulin 21 | 4TH, 3RD | 3RD OVERALL
“It’s the first race in the World Championship for me with Team HRC so I’m really happy to start the season like this, and it’s always good to be on the box. We’re not at the top, but the season is long so it’s already good to be in third place. For sure you always want better but it’s been a very smooth first grand prix. I’m really happy to work with my crew. We improve every time I go on the bike so we’re in good shape.”

Evgeny Bobryshev 777 | 8TH, 9TH | 8TH OVERALL
“It’s been a long time since I’ve raced like this so it’s good to be back for sure. I now have to build it up. We have lots of races so I just want to be consistent, stay positive and build from here now that I’m back.
In the beginning it was difficult because I was fighting in the middle and the front group already pulled away so when I got the space I was alone in the middle so it’s difficult to find the right speed. It could be better for sure but I have to be happy. Yesterday I had problems with the stone in the brake so I had last gate pick and was right on the outside of the first corner so to finish 9 and 8 is ok. Overall I’m really happy with the bike, it’s all working really good so thanks to the team who have done a great job.”

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