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BMW Motorrad Russia to help young Russian riders

Motorcycle racing is the world of speed which gets higher and higher each year. Technology improves, engines get stronger, chassis cope well with load which was impossible 10-15 years ago. But people stay unchanged, the same flash and blood. Compared to car racing where a pilot is at least protected by the car body and can get fixed in an anatomic seat, a motorcyclist is left alone with a motorcycle and speed.

Motorcycling has grown younger lately. More children at the age of five and older get at the wheel. Otherwise, it would be absolutely impossible to achieve big results in motor sports.

Both the children and their parents are really devoted and selfless people and eager to sacrifice for the sake of sports. We will be praising their victories in world tournaments very soon. Nonetheless, motorcycling is always a big risk. Falls and injuries used to be rather a rule than exception. High quality and expensive equipment is the only way to avoid severe consequences.

BMW Russia has resolved to help young Russian riders who have already achieved results in this complicated and interesting kind of sports by awarding the best 12 of them with BMW Motorrad Neck Brace Systems.

BMW Motorrad Neck Brace System is a high-tech product developed by a team of BMW’s best engineers and sports medicine researchers. It will help riders reduce the risk of injuries around the neck area. It is gaining popularity in motocross and especially during children and youth tournaments. The young human skeleton is extremely exposed to impact load. Children usually start motocrossing at the age of five or six, so safety measures are extremely important here!

BMW Motorrad Neck Brace Systems will be awarded to the young riders during the MotoPark-2008 exhibition to be held on April 18-20, 2008 in the Crocus Expo exhibition center in Moscow.

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