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MotoGP to be staged in Russia in 2010?

Russia is preparing to stage its first MotoGP, the most prestigious motorcycling championship, in the next couple of years.

A new circuit to stage MotoGP will be built in Russia by that time. Ex-Director of Grand Prix Austria Hans Geist is in charge of the construction near Volokolamsk (80 kilometers from Moscow).

Geist counts on the support from both Russian and foreign investors. The new circuit will be designed to comply with Formula-1 standards. Hermann Tilke will be its designer and architect.

According to Hans Geist, the circuit won’t be built specially for Formula-1, but rather for MotoGP and DTM championships. If someone wants to stage Formula-1 here, we will be happy. But it’s not our main goal. We build this track so that it can be used for any racing. Our plans are to host MotoGP and DTM championships here, Mr. Geist added.

Volokolamsk is located on the Gorodenka river, approximately 80km northwest of Moscow. Population: 16,700 Volokolamsk was first mentioned in the Voskresensk Chronicle under the year 1135. The town was built by Novgorodian merchants on a five-kilometer portage (volok in Russian) on a waterway from Novgorod to Moscow and Ryazan.

Hence, the name Volokolamsk (Volok on the Lama = Volokolamsk).

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