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Moscow bikers visit bikefest in Brest

Bikers from the Vulcans Motorcycling Club (Moscow) rode to the annual international bike festival Brest-2008 last weekend, which took place in the Orlyonok recreation center in Brest (Belarus) from May 30 to June 1.

This was the eighth time the event has been held .The road to Brest lays via Smolensk and via Minsk on the way back. In terms of kilometers, the bikers each had to ride 2,500 kilometers last weekend, around 1,000 kilometers one way.

Traditionally the festival has included a large entertainment program with various motorbike contests, a charity auction, a rock concert, fireworks, opening and closing ceremonies as well as the most important event – a motorbike parade through the city to the Brest Fortress.

Sergey (Mr.Hamster), a member of Vulcans kindly agreed to share his impressions about the festival with Motonews.ru. “I enjoyed the road, very nice people, everything was well organized, beautiful fireworks, we were lucky to have good weather. We went there all together with the club. My club status is Prospect. There were seven Members and three Prospects. Six Honda GoldWing bikes, Yamaha XJR1300, Honda GL1500CF Valkyrie Interstate, and two Vulcan 1600 (Kawasaki). We rode around 1,100 kilometers to get there. My personal record is 1,572 miles for a round-trip. The average speed was 100-120 km/h and the maximum speed we reached was 210 km/h. On the way there I met N-Terra, a girl, Secretary StarRiders Russia, with a flopped rear tire of her Yamaha Warrior. I pumped it up and helped her get to the technical center. They fixed the tire and we continued the ride together, while the rest of the group continued ahead of us to be on time to get a hotel in Brest. There were no problems with the bikes whatsoever. The weather was perfect: +9-11 degrees at night and +18-23 during the day.”

In terms of money, the entrance fee plus three-day registration cost 40,000 Belarus rubles this year, 20,000 Belarus rubles per person per day for the hotel, a T-shirt with festival’s logo – 30,000 Belarus rubles and 15,000 Belarus rubles for a festival pin. In any case, all the bikers also had the option to live in tents for free. By the way, one Russian ruble is equal to around 88 Belarus rubles.

The Vulcans Motorcycling Club is a public organization that brings together the people who can’t live without bikes and who consider the club a great way of finding new friends and partners who are also crazy about bikes. The club boasts immense experience of organizing bike rides in columns through the cities and making long tours. Its members visited plenty of interesting places and events and, which is most important, found a lot of friends in other cities and countries.

The Vulcans Motorcycling Club was established in September 1999 as a virtual union of Kawasaki Vulcan owners. Its first real meeting was held on October 17, 1999, it was given the status of an international event, and the date itself has been considered the club’s birthday since then. Vulcans acted as the hosts of the first Toy Run and Poker Run in Moscow, and a motor ride to Amsterdam to meet with other Vulcan clubs - VOCN (Holland) and VRA UK (UK).

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