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214 off-road motorbikes and 21 ATVs swing across Sheremetyevo

A real sports festival took place at the Sheremetyevo circuit (Moscow Region) during Russian Independence Day last weekend.

This was a long awaited event for all off-road racing fans. The country cross was finally held on June 12 bringing together 250 participants in the ‘moto’ and ‘ATV’ classes. Truly, it had never seen so many participants before.

214 motorbikes and 21 ATVs simultaneously prepared for the races. The circuit barely had enough room to fit in all the participants. The growing popularity of the race will definitely require larger circuits in the future.

Pyramid, a circuit located on the Riga highway and traditionally used for this event, seems to be no longer able to fit so many riders in the one race. Besides, local officials refused to host the race this year. It was only through Poligon PBS, the company which constructed the beautiful Sheremetyevo circuit, that it was even possible to hold the traditional racing event this year.

During the second day, on Friday, June 13, the circuit hosted a traditional motocross that attracted 164 motocross fans. The weather was fine, organizers watered the circuit and there was almost no dust. This was a spectacular event. The important thing about the event being held at Sheremetyevo is that it is within close proximity of Moscow. All the participants seemed happy with how things went at the festival. By the way, the RRG, Phoenix, eXSR and Panavto motorcycling clubs were the race organizers.

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