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Motonews.ru establishes cooperation with Repsol

Repsol, an international petrochemical concern, is set to boost its business on the Russian oil and lubricants market. In particular, the company has been actively promoting its products for motorbikes in Russia.

Repsol YPF has been a technical partner of Motonews.ru lately. It is a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation between the motorbike news portal and Favorit Oil, the company representing Repsol in Russia.

In mid May 2008, Repsol made a presentation of its new lubricants product line in Paris. This event was organized for Repsol’s main European distributors, where Russia was represented by the Favorit Oil company.

All in all, representatives from Cameroon, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Latvia, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and Turkey attended the presentation and expanded on the promotion of Repsol products to their markets.

Repsol introduced new types of oil specially designed for use with particular motorbike engines, demonstrating its more specialized approach, as well as coming-up with two new slogans. The new corporate slogan is now ‘Your Energy Moves Us,’ while the second for the motorbike business branch is ‘Whatever Your Bike Needs, We Have It Now.’

Repsol YPF is an international oil and gas company operating in more than 30 countries and boasts being the leading oil and gas company in Spain and Argentine. It is among the top ten private petroleum companies in the world and considered number one in Latin America and North Africa in terms of assets volume. Repsol’s oil and gas reserves in these two regions exceed 5.4bn barrels in oil equivalent.

Repsol YPF is also a major oil refining company in Spain and Argentine, Peru and Brazil. The company has nine refineries with a total production capacity of over 1.2m barrels per day. Repsol markets its products in 12 different countries in Europe and Latin America through a wide distribution network.

The company operates more than 6,900 gas stations in Europe and Latin America. And it is ranked number three in the world in terms of LPG sales, which is equal to around 3m tonnes per year.

Repsol’s oil production and sales business is mainly concentrated in Spain, Argentine and Portugal. Europe and South America (mostly Argentine, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) are the company’s most important markets. This business is heavily integrated with natural gas production and processing and has its unique technology of manufacturing value-added products.

Repsol employs 35,000 people from more than 20 countries.

Regarding the moto sport, Repsol is also a technical partner of the MotoGP Repsol Honda team, which includes Dani Pedrosa (Spain) and Nicky Hayden (US).

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