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Motorbike season closes in Moscow

Motonews.ru is glad to announce an unforgettable close to the motorbike season in Moscow last weekend. The event was traditionally arranged by the Nochniye Volki (Night Wolves Russia) and Wolf Brothers (previously known as Star Riders) motoclubs.

The celebrations kicked off on October 4th at the Tushino airfield and finished in the Moscow international bike center the next day. As testament to the show’s success, more than 3,000 enthusiastic guests attended the events. The first day included a performance by the Meteor children’s rhythmic gymnastics school, a multi-stage contest (exhibition, motorbike selection, aerography, custom, Russian bike, the best motorbike tuning, the best tricycle, the best motorbike sound), performances by legendary music groups of the 1980s, the Miss Motorbike Season Closing beauty contest, and a huge concert (featuring Dobry Molodtsy, Shpilki, Kamikadze Show, B.F.C., Zemlyane, Moral Codex). At 11:00 p.m., the celebrations were wrapped up with fireworks and a lottery, giving away a motorbike to one lucky man and a maxi-scooter to one lucky woman. After midnight everybody moved to the Moscow international bike center.

On Sunday, the celebrations continued. At 8:00 p.m. a motorbike column rode all the way from the bike center to the Vorobyovy Hills, where they drove around the city and enjoyed an amazing concert by the Moral Codex group followed by even more contests: The Most Naked Girl on a Motorbike, Craziest Bike, Motorbike-Holiday, The Best Russian Motorbike, The Best Chopper, The Best Artwork on a Motorbike, The Most Beautiful Lady on a Motorbike, Girl’s Most Beautiful Motorbike, as well as a competition for the best lady of 2008 in the Russian Verst category and an announcement of the results from ‘The longest motor trip in 2008’ contest.

At 2 a.m. the Bikers’ Wave show started, featuring special effects designed by the Moscow bike center. The script writer for the show was Khirurg (Surgeon) himself. A dance with DJ Diminov and DJ Krutikov began at 3 a.m. and lasted all night.

Motonews.ru was among the official partners of the celebrations closing the motorbike season. Other motorbike clubs will have their own celebrations later, somewhere around the second weekend of October. Harley-Davidson Club Russia, for example, will hold its traditional annual Moscow Harley Party – Season 2008 Closing on Saturday, October 11. Its participants will ride through the city and celebrate the opening of a Night Train club-house on Moscow’s third transport ring road (TTK).

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