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Russia’s 2008 enduro winner announced

The Russian Enduro Championship was held in the Klimkino village (Tver region) on October 11-12, 2008. Some 60 riders from Moscow, Moscow region, Yaroslavl, Samara and even Latvia participated in the event.

The Russian Enduro Championship was organized in the form of a two-day race. On the first day, the riders were to race four 30-kilometer laps in a race against the clock. They included three separate 2,700-meter long ‘Special-Tests', which included such challenges as sections that could only be walked. On the second day, the race was all about three 30-kilometer laps and two ‘Special Tests’ requiring racers to ride in the opposite direction. Alexey Naumov from the Moscow region, with his KTM 300cc, showed the highest score results with no penalties and the best score in the ‘Special-Test’ sections.

“I love enduro. So, it’s always a pleasure for me to participate in this championship. It’s the first time that the Enduro Championship was held in the Tver region. The track turned out to be pretty tricky here – plenty of bog-holes, stream and river crossings, and not so many forests. It was pouring rain all night after the first day, turning the track into a pure mud hole. Many riders would get stuck there just wasting precious seconds. I was trying to be as careful as possible, making my way through without getting stuck in the mud. My tactics proved efficient. I evaded serious mistakes and scored the best.”

It is worth mentioning that this wasn’t Alexey’s first enduro title. He was also the winner of the Russian Enduro Championship in 2005.

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