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No more scooter riding in Moscow this year

Despite the fact that we still see the sun from time to time, the weather no longer affords us warm temperatures, forcing scooter riders to settle for cars or public transport until next spring.

Before locking the two-wheel vehicles in garages until next year, however, the Moscow Scooter Club arranged traditional farewell celebrations. Most scooter clubs close the season around October 11, when everybody gets together on the Vorobyovy Hills (Moscow) and then parts for their own celebrations. No exact time is traditionally set for the scooter riders’ meeting on the Vorobyovy Hills.

Usually, whoever wants to give a talk may come early, while the rest can arrive by 5 p.m. when the scooter column takes off for its final ride around the city – along the Moscow River embankments to the Nagatinskaya Embankment, then across the river to the Andropov Prospekt and straight to the Alcatraz motoclub for a night-long party.

This year, the party started at 6:30 p.m. and included chatting, contests (both humor and sports), prizes and awards, a small concert and other surprises. It was undoubtedly a scooter season wrap-up to remember!

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