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Russian pilot in MotoGP 2009

For the first time in the history of MotoGP there will be a Russian among the pilots. We are not talking about the ‘royal’ class yet, of course. Just the 250cc one.

The Viessmann Kiefer Racing team is at the final stage of talks with the Vector team and Vladimir Leonov at the moment. The former’s owner, Stefan Kifer, and Vector Racing (including Vladimir Leonov as part of it) have gone through very tough negotiations on the further methods of cooperation between the German team and the young Russian pilot.

“We’ve had a very fruitful conversation,” Kifer stressed. “Everything seems to be very good. The Championship’s organizers helped this deal happen too. We like Vladimir very much and he has a very good sponsor. So we negotiated in a rather trusting atmosphere.”

Kifer is most likely to have Leonov ride Aprilia LE 250. We can’t tell just yet when the Russian pilot will get to try the new equipment, however. Such a motorbike still has yet to be built, since the team is known to have withdrawn from the 250cc class back in late 2007. Leonov is bound to bring in most of his sponsor support as well. The general sponsor’s logo – Viessmann – will be painted on the Russian pilot’s 250cc bike in the form of Viessmann Kiefer Racing. According to Kifer, “This will be a distinctive feature of the team’s entire design.”

Born on April 26, 1987 in Donetsk (Ukraine), Vladimir Leonov currently lives in Moscow. He loves motocross, mountain skiing, snowboarding, jogging, music, and bicycles. He has been involved in moto sport activities since the impressive age of 12.

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