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Big Yamaha and Nissan maneuvers in Moscow

PANAVTO, Yamaha’s official dealership, and OVOD, Nissan’s official dealership, organized big maneuvers in Moscow last weekend to celebrate the Defender of the Fatherland Day.

Large-scale maneuvers of wheeled and caterpillar Yamaha equipment and Nissan heavy automobiles started at 11 a.m. and wowed large crowds of people. Nissan brought its powerful Pathfinder, legendary Patrol, useful Navara and compact X-Trail, while Yamaha came along with its Grizzly 350, 450, 550 and 700 ATVs, as well as the Yamaha Rhino 700 utility truck.

All the participants registered and began with maneuvers, discovering the impressive technical capabilities of the equipment both in theory and in practice. As a treat, meals were served afterwards. The winners received symbolic military awards, i.e. flasks, and other souvenirs. And as if that weren’t enough, another memorable surprise was prepared by Sergei Seregin, moto trial professional and chief coach of the national moto trial team, who left the crowd dazzled by his demonstration.

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