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Motorbike season-2009 is coming to Russia

The new motorbike season-2009 is almost here (there is a countdown timer at the top of the web page to remind you exactly how much time is left before the new motorbike season kicks off). Motonews.ru is happy to provide you with a program of upcoming events, as well as to highlight certain things that should never be forgotten. Just like last year, no centralized event to mark the beginning of the motorbike season will be held. Instead, all motorbike and scooter clubs will celebrate on their own. Not many of these events have been announced so far, most likely because of the crisis taking its toll on all spheres of economic and public life.

Motorbike season-2009 is coming to Russia
This Saturday, April 4, the Outlaws MC Russia club will celebrate in the Alcatraz Bike Music Club (Andropov Prospekt, Moscow). The program will include a concert (Easy/Dizzy, Runaways, Dizzy), a striptease and contests. The entrance fee is RUB 500.

It is also worth mentioning that just one week later, on April 11, a similar party is planned in this club by the Moscow Scooter Club. Traditionally, everybody gets together on the Vorobyovy Hills (Moscow), as an official statement from the Moscow Scooter Club’s press secretary Sergey Dovedov explained. Usually, whoever wants to give a talk comes early, while the others arrive by 5 p.m. in time for the scooter column to take off. The column will move around the city – along the Moscow River embankments to the Nagatinskaya Embankment, then across the river to Andropov Prospekt, and straight to the Alcatraz motoclub for a night-long party starting at 6:30 p.m. The program will include chatting, contests, prizes, gifts, music, show surprises and an all-out joyous atmosphere.

The Brotherhood MC Russia motoclub will mark the beginning of the new season on April 4 as well. It has invited everybody to the XO rock club, with the party set to begin at 11:55 p.m. The entrance fee is RUB 300. The program will include live music (Gradus, Smokin' Blues, dj Redindian), a striptease and contests.

The Wolf Brothers Moscow MC club (earlier known as Star Riders) has also voiced its intention to celebrate, but it has provided no details so far about the exact date and location.

Night Wolves Russia MG has not disclosed its plans yet, either.

In our opinion, the financial crisis is no reason to forget about the sheer pleasure of riding a bike or a scooter. On the contrary, it is yet another reason to switch from gas-consuming cars to brisk and fast motorbikes and scooters.

We would like to remind both bikers and everybody else that the season’s opening is not just for fun. It is also one of the most difficult periods to conquer the city’s streets and the country’s highways. Cars are the dominant majority, and they haven’t quite gotten over the winter, when they were able to cruise around the streets with no bikers in sight. They might not notice you at first or it might take them a while. So, please be very careful.

And it seems as if car owners are not the only ones tired of winter here. The roads are too! As we all know, roads have always raised concerns in our country, especially after the winter, when most of them -especially the local ones - are riddled with pot-holes. Please don’t forget the ‘sleeping policemen’ either. They have always been an unpleasant obstacle for bikers, but after the winter they may be damaged and have holes or even sharp edges. So, watch out on the road!

Let’s not forget about documents either. The road police and the government are working hard to establish order on the road. Fines have been increased. Remember to carry all the necessary documents with you at all times. Have your insurance renewed if necessary, and don’t forget to pass a technical inspection. Check your driver’s license to make sure that the ‘A’ category is still there and hasn’t been worn down over the winter.

Also, always remember that helmets are to be worn by both bikers and passengers. Bike plates must be clean and legible. Bear in mind that temperatures are not yet very high in the European part of Russia, especially in St. Petersburg, and they may drop below zero at night.

We wish you all a season full of pleasure and joy!

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