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Moto Taxi comes to Moscow

Motonews.ru is happy to remind its readers that the moto taxi, i.e. the new and progressive service, has been available in Moscow since last year!

In order to make it easier for passengers to move around Moscow city and the country roads, the 1 Motto company came up with an innovative new moto taxi service called ‘The First Moto Taxi.’ It is also the fastest courier service riding three-wheeled Piaggio MP3 and Gilera scooters.

Now, Motonews.ru and 1 Motto are pleased to announce the start of their cooperation. “We are very glad that Moscow now has a new and innovative type of service – a modern cure for traffic jams. We hope this service, which proved itself to be a very reliable service in Europe, will become extremely popular in Russia too,” Motonews General Director Artyom Lepesin said.

It is also worth mentioning that a special medical bike is about to appear in Moscow as well. It will carry a pannier with a refrigerator, and a medical pannier. Aside from that, it will also feature a rotating beacon. This motorbike will be used to render medical assistance to moto riders and others.

Among maxi scooters, the project’s so-called ‘pearl’ is the winter version of a motorcycle, i.e. a three-wheeled Carver car, produced in Holland, which has been a huge sensation in Europe. Now Moscow has one too! It costs around EUR 50,000, and is already available for purchase. It was designed for use in poor weather conditions, when riding common bikes and scooters may be uncomfortable for passengers.

In terms of fares, the moto taxi is similar to those of ordinary taxi. But the former is much faster and efficient compared to its four-wheeled friends. 1 Motto maxi scooters will be operated by professional pilots who have been in the profession for at least four years. Prior to the ride, each client will be given a helmet and a reflective jacket.

According to 1 Motto, the moto taxi is a safe and mobile means of transport at the moment. “The two front Piaggio MP3 wheels make us reconsider the meaning of a safe and stable ride, as no other scooter or bike can ensure that. In terms of operation, the Piaggio MP3 is something unique. Its mobility helps it get through traffic jams easily and fast, as Motto Taxi General Director Vasily Yengalichev stressed.

In big cities the moto taxi is a new and irreplaceable way of getting anywhere you want quickly and on time. If you don’t want to waste your time sitting in a car in a traffic jam, running late for an important meeting, to the airport, work or even a date, you can call 1 Motto and your problem will easily be solved within a matter of 15 minutes. In addition, 1 Motto is the fastest way to deliver documents, mail, gifts, flowers, etc.

In Europe, namely in London, Paris and Rome, motorcycles have been long and successfully used as a taxi service. Moscow is keeping up with the times here, so its roads are getting more and more mobile. If you would like to call a moto taxi, you can order one on www.1motto.ru, or simply dial (495) 500-8761.

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