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Ride to Work Day Party 2009 kicks off in Moscow!

On June 15, Moscow celebrated the main motorbike party of the summer to coincide with the annual international motorbike rider day, also known as Ride to Work Day (R2W). Motonews.ru and Soap.cx would like to thank everybody for coming!

Traditionally, R2W day is held in the middle of the summer. But this year, which marked the 18th , the party was scheduled for a bit earlier, June 15, 2009, to take place in Dub Club (Bld. 7/7, 5 Nizhny Susalny Pereulok).

The best stunt riders of Moscow participated in a show arranged by SOAP Motonews. The StuntArt team, organized by the legendary professional Dmitry Gunin, and represented by new-born star Pavel Melnichenko, the Pilot Racing Team with its stunt riders Marat Kankadze (Yamaha WR450 Stunt Supermoto), Yuriy Verkhovnikov (Honda CBR600 F4) and Valery Kulesha (Suzuki LTR 450) were all there. In addition to motorcycles and ATVs, the masters of riding the so-called “smaller equipment,” otherwise known as scooters, also showed off some of their impressive moves. StuntArt member Gleb Sorkin, for instance, was riding the Yamaha JogRR.

There were around 300 guests at the party on Monday night. All the girls who arrived on time were treated to free welcome drinks. City DJs Unknown, Den, and Slonik were busy playing their original mixes. And at midnight, Leontiy Tutelev, the editor-in chief of the Motor magazine, arrived straight from the 24Hours race in Le Mans (France) to play his music.

The program also featured contests, prizes and motorbikes. Everyone got to see the new concept three-wheeler Carver used by the 1 Motto taxi service.

The event was organized by Motonews.ru and supported by the Soap.cx advertising agency, along with MUCO (Music Communication), Scooter-Club.ru, MotoHeaven.ru, Motor magazine, PANAVTO, Aoyama Motors, AVTODOM, Eurosport, Bikeland, and 1 Motto. RRG brand (Red Racing Group) was also among its sponsors.

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