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Rally for Charity: London to Tbilisi 2009

The Rally London to Tbilisi  is an annual charity sporting event established and co-chaired by Levan Vasadze and Lord Gillford, sponsoring the following charities Saphekhurebi, The Shooting Star Children’s Hospice, and SOS Kazakhstan Children’s Orphanage.   Its central goal is to help the charities in their work and to provide rally riders with a unique travel experience.

Rally for Charity: London to Tbilisi 2009
The rally encompasses a demanding and an adventurous journey across Europe traditionally ending on its edge in Tbilisi at Bagrationi 1882, a beautiful sparkling wine factory in Tbilisi, with a big reception and celebration, with the riders, loved ones flying in to see the riders finish and joining them on a romantic evening in Tbilisi. This year however, the rally is going further  onwards from Tbilisi to Astana, adding a second stage.  If the experiment is successful, the rally may continue in following years to add various second stages to the traditional London to Tbilisi 11-12 day route.

This year the number of the rally participants number is increased 7 to 16 and keeps growing. The riders travelled without support vehicles, carried just what they fit onto their bikes.

The participants of the rally will pass trough the following cities London -Paris -Geneva –Venice- Dubrovnik- Istanbul- Tbilisi- Baku- Turkmenbashi –Samarkand- Bukhara- Tashkent- Almaty- Astana.

London To Tbilisi To Astana Dates:

Departure from London - Sat 15 August 2009

Arrive to Tbilisi - Tue 25 August 2009

Arrive to Astana - Fri 4 September 2009

The Rally is not a race, but a friendly, unique yet demanding sporting experience, during which the riders are offered an opportunity to cruise through Europe West to East and see its unparalleled beauty and diversity, camp, stay in small and big towns, run into various adventures and help each other out while the rest of the world watches them make their way online.   For urban bike riders it is a unique opportunity to join an organized and cultured group of individuals for a humane cause and a truly phenomenal ride experience.

The Rally London Tbilisi will be held annually and the participants from different countries will gather over and over again to cover this difficult and long route in order to raise money for charity.

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