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Test drive: Yamaha V-Max 2009 stands firm in collision

The legendary V-Max bike of the year-2009 collection was officially presented by the Yamaha concern as early as June 2008, but the supplies were only launched last November. This is precisely why the chiseled macho draws the attention of the Moscow public both day and night.

Unfortunately, as Motonews.ru was test driving the bike, it got hit by a car. So, the provided photos are more like the site of accident materials. Fortunately, however, the heavy (310km) Yamaha V-Max managed to withstand the crash quite well and it didn’t roll over.

The car that caused the accident was driving next to the bike and suddenly began to move from the right to the left-end lane of the street without even signaling. Out of nowhere, it approached the bike from the right side. The V-Max had nowhere to go to avoid collision, as there were other cars to the left waiting at a green light to do a U-turn, and more cars to the right. So, after being hit by the car, the bike was pushed into the oncoming lane, though it managed to stabilize and stop in the middle of the street.

The car’s driver suffered no injuries in the accident. The motorbike pilot was shaken but unhurt, with only a bruise on his right leg. Luckily, he had been wearing Dainese protective gear. And the Yamaha V-Max was not damaged at all!

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