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Wrap-up of Vladimir Leonov's achievements in Australia and Malaysia

On October 16-18, 2009,Vladimir Leonov, a Viessmann Kiefer Racing pilot and the only Russian in MotoGP (250cc class) supported by Vector Racing Team, took part in the Australian MotoGP, the 14th round of the world motorcycle grand prix.

Unfortunately, Vladimir Leonov failed to make it to the finals. It was his first visit to Phillip Island, one of MotoGP’s most complicated circuits, and Vladimir managed to get along with it very well. He scored 20th in qualification, leaving behind quite a few rivals who had even more powerful bikes.

“I am happy with the way I started the race. Even though there was a slight highside on lap 6, I managed to stay on the saddle. But then the chain fell off. I fixed it myself, and rode on further, but then it started to thunder and scratch. It was impossible to continue the race under such circumstances and I just had to quit. I feel very bad about that! I liked the circuit, and I was counting on a good result, as I did well in qualification. It is a shame, but it happens, and maybe even with Aprilia bikes.”

The next MotoGP-2009 tournament took place in Malaysia at the Sepang circuit on October 23-25. Vladimir Leonov scored 15th, successfully gaining another point. So, he now boasts nine points, and is ranked 23rd.

The Sepang circuit is the longest in the MotoGP tour. It spans 5,543 km long. “It is very wide; it has plenty of rough curves. Yet, in some places it is extremely complicated. If you know the circuit well, you don’t need all its width,” Leonov emphasized. In certain places, it measures as wide as 16m. Its curves are all different. And with extremely high temperatures and humidity on top of that, as well as tropical showers – it all makes this MotoGP tour the most complicated one.”

The next and last MotoGP-2009 tournament is scheduled to take place in Valencia (Spain) on November 6-8.

In 2010, Leonov is set to participate in the new Moto2 class with his 600cc bike.

The photos were kindly provided by Vyacheslav Larkin, the Vector Racing Team photographer

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