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Vladimir Chaikovsky on BMW motorcycle sales in Russia

Sales and Marketing Manager at BMW Motorrad Russia Vladimir Chaikovsky has kindly agreed to answer our questions on the sales of Bavarian motorcycles in Russia, as well as those on the main drivers of success behind BMW Motorrad’s impressive ability to consistently win over the hearts and minds of bikers.

How many motorcycles are you selling in Russia?
BMW? We plan to sell 600 motorcycles.

How does that compare to the previous years’ results?
At this point, we are seeing a growth of 50 percent.

How would you describe your average customer?
Our average customer is generally a good and stable person. Aged over 30. Company owner or someone working for the government, usually men and their girlfriends.

How many dealers does BMW have in Russia? And how many of them sell motorcycles?
Over 50, with just 10 of them offering motorcycle service and maintenance, since this is a task only for those who are really into it!

What new models can we look forward to seeing in the near future?
A lot of new ones are on the way. The market is currently waiting for the new six-cylinder touring bike, but there’s much more on top of that. A classic motorcycle, a deluxe scooter. You’ll see!

Do you follow any motorcycle sporting events? Which ones?
Yes, I do. Naturally, Superbike. Superstock, MotoGP. And certainly Russian competitions. This year, for reference, BMW, in conjunction with ProMoto, is taking part in the Enduro Championship and Country Cross Cup. Last year, we came in second and took a silver medal in the Enduro Championship.

Are there any grey dealers? How do you fight them, if at all?
Yes, there are grey dealers too. We can only fight them by providing high quality services and a complete range of products. It’s important for any customer to be able to enjoy meeting someone as enthusiastic as he or she is, but they must also be knowledgeable on an expert level. We’d like precisely this kind of staff members to greet BMW owners in our dealerships.

What’s the brand’s pricing policy for Russia?
We are not the cheapest brand. Quality has its costs though. We’re very proud of the engineering, design and assembly of our motorcycles!

What do you do to attract customers? Do you run any special promo offers?
Good motorcycles, accessories and top quality service are our only incentives. In addition, we try to adopt the best practices from Europe or the United States. We’re developing really interesting motorcycle loan and insurance schemes, for instance. That is, we are moving forward!

Do you personally drive a motorcycle? Do you have the Category A license? =)
Of course, I do! I love to get around the city quickly. And I like to race around the wild countryside on an Enduro bike. I’ve had the Category A license ever since 1991.

What do you think a motorcycle will be like in 10 years?
They’ll be different, just like they are now. Certainly, non-gasoline vehicles will be gaining popularity in developed countries. Personally, I’m in favor of electric engines, but with a capacity of at least 150 kilowatts.

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is one of Europe’s oldest motorcycle producers, dating all the way back to 1916. BMW manages three deluxe car brands: BMW, Mini, and Rolls Royce Motor Cars.
BMW operates 23 plants based in 12 countries on 4 different continents. Germany and the UK are home to the majority of its production capacity (with 8 and 4 plants, respectively). The concern also runs full-fledged production in Mexico and South Africa. Additionally, it owns assembly facilities in Egypt, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Russia (Kaliningrad).
BMW motorcycles and spare parts, however, are only produced in Germany at a Berlin-based plant. Some models are assembled in cooperation with Italy’s Piaggio. Notably, the Berlin-based plant is one of BMW’s oldest operations. Launched in 1939, it started producing motorcycles in 1949. A few hundred (up to 500) bikes of various models roll off its production line each day. The plant employs roughly 2,300 people. BMW’s total number of staff on the payroll adds up to 98,300 people (as of the end of June 2009), while just a year before, the figure was as high as 106,000.

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