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Russian politicians on bike safety

It’s no secret for anyone that a motorbike, scooter and even a low-powered electric bike are vehicles of increased risk, especially when used on public roads. Nevertheless, many bikers often neglect even the simplest means of protecting their health and avoiding unnecessary injuries.

In the summer, as a result of the heat, many bikers tend to take off not only their jackets and protective gear, but also helmets. Consequently, there is a rising number of tragedies on the roads, since bikers simply have no chance of survival. The problem of bikers’ safety must be solved by the bikers themselves in most cases.

Even though there are certainly numerous drivers who violate all the rules by cutting other vehicles off and not paying attention to motorbikes on the roads, protective gear is still a vital guarantee for survival even in the most serious situations and road accidents.

It’s already the second half of summer, and very soon, even though it’s hard to believe and we would prefer not to believe it at all, the biking season will slowly begin to subside. The temperatures will gradually fall, and bike tires will have to be heated for a longer time. Since this may lead to a greater number of road accidents involving motorbikes, it is extremely important to take preliminary measures ahead of time.

While we’re all used to hearing sportsmen and producers of motorbike gear constantly talk about motor safety, now even politicians – Russian politicians who happen to be bikers – are talking about safety on the road.

Russian politician and experienced biker Dmitry Rogozin addressed motor bikers in an interview for Motonews.ru and brought up the matter of safety in the operation of motor vehicles:

“Guys! Boys and girls! The fact that you’ve learned how to race on a motorbike doesn’t guarantee you safety. For over 2.5 years, I’ve been living in Europe, in Belgium, and I ride a motorcycle on the weekends and workdays, but I’ve never seen experienced western bikers ignore a helmet or at the very least, a jacket with protection. It’s absolutely unheard-of here, and police are very strict. Here, it’s simply impossible, because European bikers know how to enjoy riding their motorcycles by bringing the risk of losing control over it to a minimum. I myself have fallen off a motorbike at high speed, and each time it wasn’t my fault, but a result of the circumstances, ill will and the inadequate behavior of car drivers. Once, when I flew from my bike for about 40 meters on the asphalt, the jacket protection I was wearing on my back was completely destroyed. I can only imagine what would have happened to my skin and spine if my flesh and blood had served as brakes. I was recently in Moscow and was in shock at how you ride motorbikes without helmets and protection! Silly beautiful girls riding their bikes in just dresses! Guys, I urge you to stop all this! I’m asking you to live long and avoid wheelchairs. Motorcycles were created to truly live life and feel adrenalin, not for a sudden death, funeral and the tears of family and close ones. Don’t be too lazy to put on everything that has been created for protection on motorcycles. You’ll thank me for this later. Take care!”

Dmitry Rogozin (born on December 21, 1963 in Moscow) is a Russian politician and public official, diplomat, and holder of a Ph.D; he is Russia’s representative to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels, and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. On January 9, 2008, Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed him as Russia’s Envoy to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels. Dmitry Rogozin speaks English, Spanish, Italian and French. He is married and has a son and two grandchildren.
He has been riding motorcycles for several years now – both during his free time in Moscow and for work in Brussels.

Another politician who happens to be a big fan of motorcycles is Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. During his official visit to the Crimea, Vladimir Putin participated in the opening of the Bike Show in the Sevastopol region, where after some warm and touching words about motorbikes, he made an important, even if brief, statement about being safe while bike riding in the city:

“No to reckless racing, no to reckless driving!”

We agree with everything that has been said, and would like to remind you just one more time that city roads are not racing tracks! Take care!

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