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The biker-puppy from Russia

Even animals have a weak spot for two-wheelers sometimes… So it’s no surprise that a 10-month old beagle named Yussi can boast of having ridden several dozen kilometers in the chopper seat of his owner – Kira and Roman.

“Yussi had his first ride in a two-wheeler in the beginning of the summer at our dacha, when we were forced to take him with us on a moped, thinking that it would be a real challenge for him. Surprisingly, just a few minutes into the ride, we realized that our dog is a rider in spirit – he enjoyed every moment of the trip. Afterwards, when we got to the dacha, he was constantly asking to go for a ride.

When we got a bike, every time that Yussi would hear the engine start, he’d already be sitting next to me waiting. And why not? We bought him goggles and a helmet to let him show off his biker attitude. We had to order them from America, since, unfortunately, they’re hard to come by here. Yussi proved to be a “real man” in dealing with the gear: he loved the goggles, but refused to wear a helmet. Soon enough, however, his need for speed took over, and, having accepted the convenience of a helmet, he agreed to wear it.
Just like all other bikers, he can’t stand long traffic lights and starts to express his discontent for them in all kinds of ways (barking or howling), especially to anybody who regulates them. ))
The biker-puppy has two favorite positions for riding a bike: he either sits in my lap or hugs my husband’s shoulders. When we take a long ride, he sometimes even falls asleep.
Out in the street, Yussi is just a regular dog, but he never fails to react to the sound of an engine – you can see his eyes light up in those moments.
As long as the weather permits, he will be riding in the fall, and in the winter we might even try a snowmobile…” Yussi’s owners said on the puppy’s biking adventures.
So, with that, we’d like to wish everyone happy riding in the fall, and urge Yussi to get an A class driving license as soon as possible, so that he can take his owners, or maybe even his girlfriend, for a ride next season. ))

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