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New BMW GT and GTL models in great demand but limited supply – for now

Sales and Marketing Manager for BMW Motorrad Russia Vladimir Chaikovsky filled motonews.ru in on a new generation of BMW Motorrad tourist motorcycles, GT and GTL, which are about to appear on the Russian market.

Ever since BMW Motorrad presented its experimental development, Concept 6, in the fall of 2009, bikers can’t seem to get the idea of an in-line six-cylinder engine out of their minds. BMW has been using unique in-line six-cylinder engines of its own development in its cars for over 70 years. The concern also plans to start manufacturing motorcycles with this type of engine, again, using its own technology.

How do you think the company will position the K1600 GT and K1600 GTL models on the market?
Without a doubt, the new luxury tourer from BMW Motorrad is a new concept. Thanks to various kinds of know-how, the company managed to create a really luxurious, comfortable motorcycle that gives its rider the sensation of unlimited dynamics, which was previously unavailable in motorcycles of this class. Considering that, it will be positioned as the most advanced luxury tourer.

Does this model have competitors among motorcycles?
The model doesn’t have any direct or even similar competitors in terms of performance characteristics.

How many vehicles of this (GT-GTL) type do you intend to supply to Russia?
Unfortunately, less than the dealerships ask for. Manufacturing of this model will begin in early 2011, and it’ll be impossible to satisfy everyone who’d like to purchase it, at least in the beginning of the season. Hopefully, we’ll be able to secure at least 50 motorcycles.

Have you gotten any pre-orders for these models?
We’ve definitely heard from potential customers. Officially, however, BMW Motorrad dealerships will only start taking orders after the motorcycle has been officially presented at the moto salon in Cologne.

Can you name the approximate price of this new model in Russia or Europe?
I can’t give an exact figure, since I don’t know the prices for optional equipment. A no-frills motorcycle (which happens to be quite extensive) will cost about RUB 1.250m.

Have you given any thought to organizing a trip to Garmisch with owners of BMWs – on GT-GTL bikes and maybe the good old KS, KL, and RT models?
That’s certainly a good idea. We can give it a try.

And, finally, Vladimir, what is your personal opinion of this six-cylinder model? Do you think it’ll be met with absolute success?
Definitely, it’s got to be successful! This motorcycle is unique, but the main thing here is the pleasure you get from riding it. I’d even say that it feels like flying! It’s like you’re floating above the road – with beauty and confidence. It’s a feeling of perpetual bliss that doesn’t leave you even for a second. And personally, I am quite proud of my favorite brand!

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