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Russian racing champion Maxim Averkin to hold master classes

Maxim Averkin, the Russian road-racing champion in the 1000cc class and winner of the Russian Supermoto Cup, was spotted on the 51st kilometer of MKAD (Moscow Ring Road) – at Dmitry Gunin’s school, where he was trying out two bikes: Yamaha YZ250 and BMW G450X.

During the practice, Maxim gave a real show with jumps, controlled skidding and a bunch of different tricks to make various turns.

Motonews.ru reporters asked the Russian champion about what brought him to the winter track.

Are you here just by chance?
“No, I came to see the new track and check out the ice, since I plan to hold a number of master classes at this place.”

What kind of master classes? Could you give us some details?
“It'll be a wide variety of exercises with different hurdles, for anyone – from amateurs to advanced bikers; among those exercises will be jumps, enduro stretches, as well as exercises on ice that allow bikers to get a better feel, more control. It's better to do these exercises in the winter on ice, because it's easier to understand and safer, since the bike skids, unlike in the summer on the asphalt. This is the winter part of practicing, and in the summer we'll do exercises for road racing on asphalt.”

Do you plan to race in the 2011 season?
“Yes, we are currently working on that, and there are different options that we are considering, and of course we're practicing.”

Maxim Averkin was born on September 29, 1979 in Moscow and fell in love with bike racing at the age of 15. In 2003, his hobby turned into a professional career. Motorcycles are everything for Maxim – his life, work and hobby. Maxim tries to follow all races, including MotoGP and WSBK world championships. He prefers Superbike: “I like superbike more, since it involves contact racing, and so much depends on the racers themselves, and besides, there are less electronics – it's more sporty, while MotoGP is more about business and show. In Grand Prix motorcycle racing, Moto2 seems to be a good series – its participants use no electronics, and they compete with dignity.” Maxim has long since given up riding a bike in the city. As he explains, “I used to race, in the very beginning when I was trying to understand what it's like in general...After Minsk and Voskhod, I got a R1 liter bike in 1998. Nowadays, I only race on the track.”
When it comes to food, Maxim Averkin prefers desserts. “I love desserts, and everything sweet, but I certainly try to restrain myself, because I gain weight easily. But when I have a chance and when I know that I'll ‘burn it all off’ during practice, I eat a lot of sweet things.”

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