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Moscow bikers gather for protest rally

Monday, June 13, saw a few hundred Moscow bikers stage a motorcycle rally from the Vorobyovy Hills to Petrovka Street to draw attention to the hit and run case in which a motorcyclist was injured in Moscow last week.

Moscow bikers gather for protest rally
The goal of the rally was to call for a thorough investigation into a recent hit and run in which a Porsche Panamera sports car hit a biker at a red light and then fled the scene. The biker was taken to the hospital with numerous fractures and is currently in a coma.

After talking to the bikers, the press office of the central administration of the Internal Affairs Ministry stressed that an inquiry had already been launched into the case, "the person guilty of the traffic accident has already been found and will be called to account for his actions in accordance with the current law," and the claim filed by bikers to the Petrovka office "will be duly considered within the timeframe prescribed by law."

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