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Russian biker wins KTM contest

The global Name and Win a KTM competition staged by the Austrian brand closed in July.

In the competition, KTM asked participants to come up with an original name for a new bike provisionally dubbed the KTM 15 Streetfighter.
The competition kicked off a year ago, with the main prize being the 125cc street bike.
As voting wrapped up, Alexei Golkin, a KTM fan from Russia, was declared the winner with his suggestion ‘Avatar.’ He was presented with the prize in late August in a motorcycle showroom of the official KTM distributor, Bikeland.

KTM is Europe's second largest producer of sport motorcycles, with shares listed in Vienna (Austria). The company employs just under 1,800 people. Of its total sales, Europe accounts for 63 percent, North America for 25 percent, and other countries for the remaining 12 percent.
The company’s primary focus is off-road sport motorcycles. KTM dates back to the mid-1930s, when Hans Trunkenpolz opened a motorcycle repair shop in Mattighofen. The first serial motorcycles branded KTM were manufactured in 1953. At that time, 20 workers were assembling three bikes a day. That was also the first year when the company was represented at motorcycle races. Around that time, the company was officially renamed KTM (Kronreif, Trunkenpolz, Mattighofen). In 1954, the one thousandth KTM motorcycle was released. By 1974, the company's product range boasted 42 different models. In 1978, the company launched its first US-based branch, KTM America, Inc. in Lorain, Ohio. The year 1985 saw the production of the one hundred thousandth KMT bike. In 1986, KTM became the first motorcycle producer in the world to install clasp brakes both on the front and rear wheels. In 1996, the company, then known as KTM-Motorradholding AG, went public on the Vienna stock exchange.

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