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Design picked for speed camera warning sign

Russia's State Inspection for Road Traffic Safety, or GIBDD, has selected a design for a new road sign to warn drivers of photo and video cameras installed to control compliance with speed limits.

The photo above features the sign that GIBDD website visitors chose from 13 versions. This version garnered over 41,000 votes (roughly 33% of the total number of votes, 124,000 users).

Voting was open for a month. In mid-March, GIBDD urged road traffic participants to select a design for the new road sign, which would warn drivers of the electronic ‘traps’ ahead installed to record violations of road traffic regulations.

It is still unclear when the new sign will actually appear on the roads. Meanwhile, in several places across Moscow, signs with a completely different design – yellow and with a different picture – have been spotted. Drivers noticed that the signs did not always precede the hardware needed to detect and record violations, however.

Meanwhile, the motorcycling community is not particularly impressed with the increasing number of speed cameras in Moscow, since not nearly all of them can record speeding violations by motorcycle or scooter riders.

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