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Alexander Polovinka: Any respectable motorcycle store eligible for Royal Enfield dealership

Royal Enfield motorcycles are renowned worldwide. Not long ago, Royal Enfield launched an official motorcycle showroom in Russia.

Commercial Director of MOTOklassika, the official distributor of Royal Enfield, Alexander Polovinka told Motonews.ru about the brand, and revealed Royal Enfield’s development plans concerning Russia.

Alexander, could you please tell us about the brand, where Royal Enfield motorcycles are assembled and what their warranty period is?
Royal Enfield is one of the world’s oldest motorcycle brands with a rich history behind it. Interestingly, it originated in England in 1891 as a company specializing in firearm components! Royal Enfield produced its first motorcycle in 1901, and has since designed a great number of motorcycle models. Amid the crisis that ravaged the motorcycle industry in the late 1960s, Royal Enfield was acquired by an India-based company which, at that time, specialized in partial assembly of Royal Enfield bikes for the Indian army and police. Ever since then, the legendary models have been assembled at a plant in Chennai (also known as Madras), and the year 1984 saw the official launch of exports of Royal Enfield bikes from India to Great Britain and the rest of Europe. Bikes assembled in Europe, including those we import to Russia, boast improved technical characteristics and increased attention to details. The warranty period for these motorcycles is 12 months, without any mileage limitations.

How many models does Royal Enfield have in its product line? What kind of engines do they have?
Royal Enfield’s product line is very attractive with its original colorful designs. Technically, however, they are all almost identical; they all have the same engine – the good old reliable 500cc single-cylinder, 30 horsepower, 41 Nm torque engine. They're equipped with open tubular frames with high performance characteristics. The model line actually features two fundamentally different types: the Classic model, replicating the classic style of 1930s bikes, and Electra, which follows the design of the 1970s.

When were Royal Enfield motorcycles officially brought to Russia?
Officially, Royal Enfield bikes have been represented in Russia since the spring of 2012.

How many motorcycles have you sold by now? How would you describe a potential Royal Enfield owner?
At this point, we have sold over 20 vehicles. Most of our clients are quite extraordinary people: artists, musicians, designers, architects, doctors or military officers – people endowed with an acute sense of style and committed to certain traditions in all aspects of their lifestyle.

Do you have any plans to expand Royal Enfield’s presence into Russia's regions?
We are currently working to promote the brand throughout the entire territory of Russia, and we are looking at a few potential dealers in Russia's megalopolises with a population of over 1 million people. Any respectable motorcycle equipment store that can actually keep up the brand’s image and provide high quality maintenance is eligible to become our dealer.

Do you have any test-ride plans to accommodate potential buyers, and, if so, when will that happen?
Our potential buyers can test ride our motorcycles any time they want without any preliminary appointment, just by producing a passport and a valid category A driver’s license. Our test-ride park features two models, Classic and Electra Delux. So far, more than 150 people have already taken Royal Enfield bikes for test rides, and so have journalists from all of the country’s print motorcycle publications.

Do you yourself ride a bike or a scooter?
Right now, I own three bikes: a Suzuki GSX R-1000 K6, which I use exclusively on racing circuits, a cross pit bike for offroad riding and, of course, a Royal Enfield for everyday comfortable riding in and outside the city!

What do you think a motorcycle will look like in, say, 20 years?
Progress can’t be stopped! I can’t even rule out the possibility that in 20 years half of the global motorcycle park will be made of various electric bikes, but there will always be a place for classic Royal Enfield bikes, as well as for a lot of other classic style stuff!

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