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Phil Ammendolia: "the SKULLY AR-1 takes safety to a new level that has never before been available"

Phil Ammendolia, Vice President of SKULLY helmets Business Development answered on the several Motonews.ru questions.

How U found the first year of Skully global expansion?
-We've had an amazing year. The interest in our product keeps growing and we are really looking forward to the future. We just finished our first round of funding and gained support from several large firms that specialize in technology, including Intel.

How do U think, If we compare the audience in Europe and US, which one is more confident and has more interest in Skully product?
- That's a great question. So far, there seems to be nearly equal interest on both sides of the Atlantic. People are really understanding that the SKULLY AR-1 takes safety to a new level that has never before been available.

What about sales?
- Our first orders are due to ship by summer.

What do U think about API (Application protocol) & Skully? Did Skully think about that?
- There will be some application development for the AR-1, but keep in mind that a main consideration for us is to offer the rider all the additional input they need without allowing any distraction, so apps will be limited to fit within that criteria.

Do u ride the bike?)))
- Yes. I've been riding for over 40 years. In the past, I've raced MX and Dirt Track. I still race at fun events from time-to-time, but most of my riding these days is spent on dual sport or adventure touring. Depending on where I'm going, I ride a Moto Guzzi Stelvio, a KLR 650 Kawasaki, a tricked out Honda CRF250L and I have several trail bikes in the garage. I also have a vintage Hodaka 100.

How u imagine the helmet in future? Next 10 years? - Helmets will become better in every way. New materials and new technology will allow the rider to be more comfortable and more aware of what's going on around them. The best place to be in a motorcycle accident is somewhere else. Rather than being something that only protects the rider after a crash, helmets like the AR-1 will offer the potential of preventing the accident in the first place.

What about dealers or orders from Russia? Do U have it?
- Whats the count about? We will start to look at that around spring of next year.

Thanks a lot!
- Thank you for the opportunity. Give my best to all the motorcyclists who read Motonews!

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