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Ducati is back at the Audi City Lab showcasing two exhibits related to the themes of design and lightness

Ducati is back at the Audi City Lab which, following its success last December, is returning to Via Montenapoleone in the centre of Milan for the city's Design Week, until 10 May.

The Audi City Lab is located in Milan's fashion district, known as the Golden Quadrilateral, which attracts the movers and shakers of the international design scene – a prestige location for the series of events that are scheduled to take place. The themes covered will range from design and music to the future of mobility and innovation. A host of exceptional guests will be participating, including architects, designers and high-profile personalities from the various brands which make up the Audi Group – Audi, Ducati, Lamborghini and Italdesign Giugiaro.

Ducati has chosen to contribute to the Audi City Lab with the “Lightness Experience” represented by two different exhibits.

The first exhibit, on display until 28 April outside the location, directly on Via Montenapoleone, is a sculpture in gorgeous white Carrara marble. Designed by Gianandrea Fabbro (Chief Designer at the Ducati Design Centre) it is inspired by the style and lines of the Panigale, which Fabbro himself designed.

The sculpture called “Fortitudo mea in levitate” (My lightness is my strength) was created from three blocks of the purest Carrara marble, sculpted with great mastery to convey the sense of lightness set in strong contrast with the weight of the marble, the art of sculpture’s most noble material.

The second exhibit places the spotlight on a Ducati Panigale R, the most powerful and efficient production bike available in the range, a true benchmark in the field in terms of power to weight ratio. The Panigale R is on display on the first floor of the temporary store where it will stay for the entire time the Audi City Lab is open. Wall-mounted, inside a symbolic display case, the motorcycle looks as if it were floating, weightless, defying the laws of gravity, reiterating the theme of the “Ducati Lightness Experience” and accentuated in this instance by the impact of its technological content.

The Audi City Lab will also host four big evening events, as well as a busy schedule of daily talk-shows which Ducati clients and enthusiasts can take part in, alongside professionals.

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